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Concrete Barriers and Security Barriers for Hire, Gypsy Eviction and Site Security Services

Protecting your vacant land can be a real problem. Gypsies or New Age Travellers can often set up camp illegally on plots of land that are not well protected. Apart from the initial inconvenience, this can also cause further problems as Gypsy and New Age Travellers can cause damage and leave unsightly litter after they have eventually departed.

Carrying out the task of Gypsy eviction and removal of new age travellers yourself can be difficult. We specialise in Gypsy eviction and removing Gypsy and new age traveller camps from your land. We clean up after them and stop further access with concrete barriers and other solutions. Our service will leave your land clean and secure from Gypsy intruder settlement. The service includes:-

  • Bailiffs to remove illegal occupants.
  • Tow trucks, Security guards and dog handlers.
  • Clean up of sites and removal of fly tipping.
  • Temporary and permanent solutions available for:
    height barriers
    concrete barriers
    telescopic bollards

Our Gypsy eviction and site security services utilise a variety of tools and methods:, concrete barriers, jersey barriers, delta blocks, barricades, bunding and tow trucks, which provides the best security for your site from travellers.

We operate a one-stop-shop solution; 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

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Our gypsy eviction methods are tried and tested; we know exactly what it takes to remove unwanted encampments from your land.

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A one-stop-shop solution, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day


concrete barrierGypsy Eviction Services
Gypsy Eviction ServicesGypsy Eviction Services